Healthcare Expert’s 4 Ways To Fix Obamacare Show Why The GOP Bill Is A Total Disaster


A healthcare expert has four ways Republicans could address the 28 million people who aren’t insured under Obamacare, but they are all ideas Republicans have already done the opposite of or would never consider.


Larry Levitt, Senior VP of Kaiser Family Foundation, suggested expanding Medicaid, bigger subsidies, more outreach and immigrant eligibility as solutions to getting the 28 million people who are uninsured covered.


Republicans are the people who fought the Medicaid expansion, suing to give states the “right” to decline the expansion. But most of the Republican Governors who ended up expanding Medicaid now want to keep it. That says a lot.

Republicans claimed they were against the subsidies, so they wouldn’t want to offer more subsidies. But this is probably required if we are to insure more people.

Republicans complained about Obamacare outreach efforts under President Obama, and targeted groups who tried to help raise public awareness about the law.

We all know how Republicans feel about immigrants, so that is not even a possibility with this current Party.

Levitt’s four ideas to insure the 28 million uninsured Republicans are pretending to care about, but none of them involve the Republican “health care” bill that would actually toss an additional 22 million people off of insurance.

Go figure.

It turns out that the Republican plan is not actually a plan to address the problem they are citing; rather, the problem is being used as cover to pass a bill that would make the problem much worse.

The Republican bill is a tax cut for the rich bill, not a health care bill. So it won’t address the problems Republicans keep concern trolling Obamacare over.