MSNBC Producer Reminds Trump That ‘Morning Joe’ Is Seeing Its Highest Ratings Ever

Responding to Donald Trump’s attack on Morning Joe’s “low ratings,” MSNBC producer Jesse Rodriguez took to Twitter on Saturday morning to remind the president that Morning Joe, hosted by Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, is seeing high viewership.

Rodriguez reminded fact-free Trump that Morning Joe’s ratings in this year’s second quarter are the show’s best ever.


The reminder from the MSNBC producer comes a few days after MSNBC released a statement outlining just how high the show’s ratings have been.

Not only are Morning Joe’s ratings just fine, but they’re doing better than ever in the age of Trump – a fact likely to get under the president’s very thin skin.

Once again, Trump is showing that he isn’t just more interested in attacking his critics than doing his job, but also that there is nothing he won’t lie about – even something as trivial as TV ratings.

Instead of spewing falsehoods about everybody else’s ratings, perhaps the President of the United States should start worrying about his own dismal ratings.