Republican Senator Wants Donald Trump Jr. To Be Questioned Before Senate On Russia

The shoes are beginning to drop as Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine told the press that she would like Donald Trump Jr. to be questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee and testify about Russia.

The White House’s defense of Trump Jr. has been limited to trying to change the subject to some fake news about James Comey. The President defended his daughter on Twitter, but not his son on Monday morning, which suggests that either Trump is listening to his lawyers on Russia, or his son is guilty as sin.

The Russia scandal is beginning to grow beyond partisan lines as Republicans and Democrats are beginning to have a lot of questions for members of the Trump family. The shoes are beginning to drop, and there is a good reason why the White House can’t stop the steady drip of Russia information.

If Trump came clean about what happened during the 2016 election, it would ruin his presidency, could wreck his business, and might end up sending members of his own family to prison.

Trump Jr. is in deep, and changing the subject to some fake news about James Comey isn’t going to save the Trump family from the avalanche of Russia scandal that is heading their way.

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