Failing Trump Sets The Record For Lowest Approval Rating In The First 6 Months Of A Presidency


Things are so bad for Donald Trump that he has set the record for having the lowest approval rating of any president during their first six months in office in US history.

Here is the chart of first six months of presidential approval ratings:


Not only is Trump stunningly unpopular, but his support has already been reduced to base levels, and the bad news for this White House is that there is plenty of room for him to drop. Trump is less popular than Gerald Ford, who pardoned Richard Nixon after he took office due to Nixon’s resignation. Bill Clinton struggled out the gate during his first six months in office, but unlike Trump, he didn’t take office under a cloud of scandal, and his approval ratings were higher than Trump’s.

The Republican base is somewhere between 34%-37% of polls; this means that if Trump’s numbers continue to drop, it will suggest that Republicans are leaving him. Trump is currently in the middle of the Republican base average, so if he drops, it will signal to Congressional Republicans that his president has lost his grip on his party’s base, and they are free to break with him.

Donald Trump is a president who is in the midst of the worst political scandal since Watergate, who has no political capital, and few loyalists in Congress. Trump also has no agenda and no voice or vision for the country.

There is no visible upside to Trump’s presidency. It is only a matter how low this president will sink before he is either booted or thrown out of office.