After Telling Senate Not To Leave Until Healthcare Is Done, Trump Left To Play Golf All Weekend

Donald Trump told the Senate not to leave Washington until health care is done and then left Washington on Saturday and Sunday to play golf.

Here is Trump telling Senators to stay until health care is passed:

Trump then went on to show that he is the greatest do as I say, not as I do president in US history, Trump went golfing in Virginia on both Saturday and Sunday.

It is not surprising that members of Congress in his party don’t take Trump seriously. If Trump thought that the healthcare bill was important, he would take a couple of days off from using the presidency for his financial gain to stay in Washington and work on getting the bill passed.

Trump is demanding that Republicans protect him from impeachment, but he can’t be bothered to stick around and lead on the health care bill that the Senate is trying to pass.

A president that isn’t being personally accountable and leading is a president who is destined to fail, and America has seen a president fail as completely as Donald Trump.