Trump’s Numbers Get Worse As He Sets Record For Lowest For 2nd Quarter Approval In History

According to Gallup, Trump has set the record for the lowest average second quarter approval rating in the history of presidential polling.

Here is the chart from Gallup:

Gallup noted that Trump’s approval is on a downward trend, “Trump’s second-quarter average is down from 41.3% during his first quarter, which was also well below what any other president had in his first quarter. During the early part of his second quarter in late April and early May, Trump’s approval ratings in Gallup Daily tracking mostly stayed in the low 40% range. After the controversial firing of FBI Director James Comey on May 9, Trump’s approval rating dropped below 40%. Since then, his approval rating has mainly been in the high 30% range, apart from a 41% average the week of May 22-28 after a major terrorist attack at a Manchester, England, concert venue where American artist Ariana Grande was performing.”

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There is no way to spin this president as anything less than a complete failure. It would be one thing if Trump were unpopular but effective. Donald Trump is the deadly combination on unpopular and ineffective. This president is doing so badly that he is roughly six points behind the next lowest president on the list, and the trend line is pointing down.

The numbers aren’t getting better for Trump. They are getting worse. The health care bill, the Russia scandal, and his own tweets are tanking his poll numbers. Trump hasn’t hit bottom yet, and if non-Republican voters show up during the 2016 midterms, Republican incumbents could be routed in 2018.

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