The NY Times Shatters Trump’s Myth That It’s ‘Failing’ By Revealing Record Number Of Subscribers

The New York Times shattered one of Donald Trump’s favorite myths on Monday, responding directly to one of the president’s tweets by revealing that it currently has a record number of paid subscribers.

The Times said they are “extremely proud” of their coverage of Trump and that its business is “thriving.”

The swift and strong response from the newspaper comes after Trump went on an unhinged Twitter rant early Monday, lashing out at many things but specifically targeting the “failing” New York Times.

Despite Trump’s constant tantrums about The New York Times and its factual coverage of his presidency, it continues to do well. In fact, the more the president whines about the newspaper, the more successful it seems to be.

In the age of Trump – when the White House shamelessly lies about anything and everything – the American people are looking to the media to hold the administration accountable, and the president doesn’t like it.

Not only is Trump clearly unwilling and unable to do his own job, but he lashes out journalists for doing theirs.