CNN’s Daniel Dale Brutally Calls Out New York Post for Publishing Fake News Story About Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris says what Trump and Pence won't on Jacob Blake shooting

Thus far, it has been difficult for Conservative media sources to take too many shots at Joe Biden right now. The new President has a top-notch approval rating, especially considering the polarization of the country. And the White House recently announced that they have reached 200% of their initial goal of vaccinations in Biden’s first 100 days in office. read more

Fact Checking Faith: The Entanglement of History, Policy, and Scripture

It is important to keep in mind that scripture will always have a surplus of meaning and room for multiple understandings and interpretations as this living word continues to speak a fresh word to ever changing realities. Still, core values of caring for the weak and vulnerable, the poor and hungry, the orphan and oppressed persist along with the call to be stewards of creation and of our lives, money, and possessions. These are all matters that extend beyond the personal dimension of our lives and into the public square.