Trump Proclaims Every Poll To Be A Fake News Suppression As His Mental Health Crisis Worsens


Trump proclaimed that every poll that shows him to be historically unpopular is a “fake news suppression poll,” that is not documenting the achievements of his administration.

Trump tweeted:

What does fake news suppression poll mean? Is Trump angry because his fake news isn’t making him more popular, or is Trump saying that the polls are fake and they are suppressing the news about his accomplishments?


Neither point makes any sense because the polls are a reflection of Trump’s effectiveness at messaging. If the American people think that Trump is failing, it’s because he has done anything that they like. The polls are not rigged against Trump. They are not a weapon that is being used against him. The polls are a reflection of what a representative sample of Americans think of Trump’s job performance.

The polls aren’t a conspiracy to bury Trump’s achievements. The polls are a reflection of the fact that Trump hasn’t achieved anything that a Republican with a pulse wouldn’t have done in his shoes.

Between the Russia scandal and the polls, Trump is losing it, and his mental health crisis is playing out daily in 140 characters or less.