Overwhelming Majority Of Americans Want Trump Impeached If He Fires Robert Mueller

A new PPP poll has found that by a margin of 56%-34%, respondents want Donald Trump impeached if he fires the Special Counsel investigating the Russia scandal, Robert Mueller.

PPP conducted the poll for VoteVets that revealed that firing Mueller would start the beginning of the end for Trump, “On other big matters of the day, voters say that Congress would be right to consider impeachment if Trump fired investigator Robert Mueller and pardoned conspirators by a 56-34 margin, with even 27% of Republicans agreeing. Voters also oppose Trump’s ban on transgender members of the military by a 69-22 margin, with a plurality of Republicans agreeing (48-39).”

With grand juries being impaneled and the Russia investigation churning forward, the American people are watching Trump’s actions closely. The big red line for most Americans will be crossed if the President tries to fire or remove Mueller. Republicans in Congress will find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place if Trump moves against the Special Counsel. Standing with Trump will satisfy many Republicans, but it will also give voters more than ample cause to vote them out of office.

If Congressional Republicans break with Trump, they will cross the party’s base, which could also vote them out of office for an entirely different reason.

The American people will begin to demand impeachment if Trump fires Mueller and starts pardoning Russia conspirators. A big red line has been drawn, and if Trump dares to cross it, his presidency will be on the brink.