Trump Silent As Alt-Right Nazis Carry Out Acts Of Violence Against Protesters In Charlottesville

As counter-protesters have taken to the streets in Charlottesville, VA to stand up against the KKK and neo-Nazi alt-right racism and hate, violence has broken out against those who are standing against racism and bigotry. Meanwhile, Donald Trump golfs in New Jersey and stays silent.

Here was the scene in Charlottesville, VA on Friday night as white supremacists marched:

Here’s video of the protesters chanting, “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA” on Saturday morning:

One of the alt-right trolls started knocking down protesters, as things have already gotten violent:

The person was a white supremacist who injured peaceful demonstrators and then fled from the police.

The live stream of the defense of Charlottesville, VA:

The Trump administration and the Republican Party have remained silent as the race based violence that they have enabled is boiling over in one of America’s most storied college towns.

This is Donald Trump’s America, and any blood shed today will be on Republican hands.

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