As Texas Prepares For Potentially Deadly Category 3 Hurricane, Trump Retweets Racists

The first potential natural disaster to hit the United States since Donald Trump took office is poised to strike Texas, and Donald Trump is leading by retweeting racists and fighting with Mitch McConnell.

Here is the latest update on Hurricane Harvey:

Trump is preparing to lead the country by fighting with Mitch McConnell and retweeting racists:

The Trump administration has consistently been unorganized, incompetent, and slow to react to situations. The nightmare scenario for the country is that a natural disaster hits, and the tendency toward failure of this administration has deadly consequences and people will lose their lives.

America is facing a potential natural disaster, and the President Of The United States is still whining about people not losing their health care.

For the next four years, the American people are on their own, because Donald Trump is AWOL.