Mayor of Phoenix Blasts Trump For Pardoning Terrorist Joe Arpaio

Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton blasted Trump for pardoning Joe Arpaio who he described as terrorizing Latino residents for decades.

Here is the full statement from Mayor Stanton:

Arpaio terrorized brown skin residents of the county for two decades.

Here is how The Phoenix New Times summed up the guy that Trump pardoned:

Arpaio is a racist monster who terrorized brown skin people while letting child molesters walk around free. This is the guy who Donald Trump used his first presidential pardon on, and that decision reveals more about who Trump really is than it could ever say about the crimes committed by Arpaio. There is a reason why the White House has gone silent on the Arpaio pardon. The more people know the more outraged they will become.

The mayor of Phoenix was correct. Trump pardoned a domestic terrorist and is truly a lawless president.