In An Unbelievable Moment, Trump’s Own Sec. Of State Refuses To Defend The President’s Values

Sec. of State Rex Tillerson was asked about Trump’s values after the UN criticized his response to racist demonstrations in the US. Tillerson offered no defense of Trump and said, “The President speaks for himself.”

Video of Tillerson on Fox News Sunday:

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Tillerson about the world doubting whether the US is living their values. Tillerson answered, “I don’t believe anyone doubts the American people’s values, or the commitment of the American government, or the government’s agencies to advancing those values and defending those values.”

Wallace asked, “And the President’s values?”

Tillerson, “The President speaks for himself, Chris.”

Wallace followed up, “Are you separating yourself from that, sir?”

Tillerson replied, “I’ve spoken. I’ve made my own comments as to our values as well in a speech I gave to the State Department this past week.”

The position of the Secretary of State seems to be that the President Of The United States speaks only for himself, and not for the country. The President has been viewed for hundreds of years as the America’s representative in world affairs, but what Tillerson was suggesting was that this president only speaks for himself and government agencies, and the American government speak for the American people.

As president, Trump is a part of the American government, but Tillerson’s comments show the lengths that even his own Sec. of State and State Department are going to in their efforts to isolate themselves from this president.

It is unbelievable that the American government is trying to distance itself from and quarantine toxic Trump.

If the President no longer speaks for America, this nation is in the midst of a silent constitutional crisis as the Trump leadership vacuum has paralyzed the United States government.