Trump Disrespectfully Talks Though Moment Of Silence For 9/11 Victims At Pentagon

Donald Trump talked through a scheduled moment of silence remembering 9/11 victims at the Pentagon.


On the video at roughly the 45-minute mark, you can catch glimpses of Trump fidgeting around and talking with his hand over heart during the moment of silence.

David Gura of Bloomberg noted:

Taking Donald Trump out in public for a memorial service is like trying to take a small child to a funeral. The country should feel grateful that Trump didn’t start bragging about how the country overcame 9/11 with his Electoral College win.

The President did slip into campaign mode, and at one point started raising his voice and yelling during his speech, because apparently serious indoor Trump voice doesn’t work outside. One year ago, the media was freaking out because Hillary Clinton got woozy at a 9/11 anniversary event, but now that America has a president who can’t even stand still and stop talking during a moment of silence the panic over a bit of dizziness seems even more absurd today than it was in 2016.

Even when Trump stays on script, he finds little ways to reveal that he is unfit for the presidency.