Jeff Sessions Uses Radio Interview To Interfere In The Russia Investigation

Attorney General Jeff Sessions supposedly recused himself, but that didn’t stop him from using a radio interview to interfere in the Russia investigation.

Audio of Sessions on Sean Hannity’s show:

Sessions said, “You know Sean, I’m not able to comment on this investigation. I would say this, that I do feel like often that the actions that are perfectly normal and natural are being projected by the media in lights that are just not justifiable, and it’s really painful to see that happening, and good people, a lot of them have had things said in ways that are not good. I can’t comment on the details of the matter, Sean.”

In other words, I can’t comment on the investigation that I am a potential target of, so I will now proceed to trash the investigation and defend everything we did as totally innocent.

What Sessions did was classic interference from a government official who is under investigation. It is also wildly inappropriate for a recused attorney general of offer any comment on the investigation.

Sessions inadvertantly made the perfect case for why their needs to be an independent investigation into the Russia scandal. After listening to the comments from the Attorney General, it is impossible to believe that he and the White House are not interfering in the investigations.

Recusal is not good enough. The Russia investigation needs more than a special counsel. If Democrats win back Congress in 2018, they must pursue an independent investigation.

The only way to stop the White House interference is to take the investigation out of their juridiction.