Trump Congratulates Himself, Attacks The Press In Puerto Rico Twitter Meltdown

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday night to praise FEMA and first responders in Puerto Rico, but he couldn’t help but use the opportunity to attack the media and congratulate himself in the process.

In a series of tweets, the president whined about the press treating him unfairly and quoted Puerto Rico’s governor, who he said told him, “Great job!”

Once again, the self-centered President of the United States cannot help but make every domestic and international incident about him and how wonderful and/or victimized he is.

The brief Twitter tantrum came at a time when Trump is already under fire for blowing the better part of a week whining about what professional athletes do before their games instead of immediately acting to provide relief for Puerto Rico, which continues to grapple with widespread devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. At this hour, millions of American citizens in Puerto Rico have no power or clean drinking water.

Trump, who is an avid viewer of cable news, likely heard the backlash about his poor response and he’s now trying to catch up – but it’s too little too late.

Oh, and if you’re looking for even more context, it should be noted that in between the two Twitter posts noted above, Trump retweeted a posting by Bill O’Reilly, which praised right-wing propagandist Sean Hannity and promoted O’Reilly’s new book.

It’s good to know this president’s priorities are in the exact same place.

Sean Colarossi

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