Trump: ‘Stop Funding Hurricane Maria Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico’

President Trump has told Republican leaders in charge of appropriations that he does not want to provide more disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico. He is claiming that the money is being misused and mismanaged, although he has no evidence to back up his claims. read more

Puerto Rican Voters Will Punish Republicans for Trump’s Tweets

Donald Trump’s tweets denying the Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico may have been the last straw.

For years he has been tweeting outrageous things and he has seemingly paid no political consequences for his actions. read more

Puerto Rico Responds To Trump By Calling Him Worthless And Crazy

The people of Puerto Rico are responding to Trump's claims that 3,000 people didn't die in Hurricane Maria by calling the president worthless and crazy.

After Killing Thousands Of Puerto Ricans, Trump Says He Did A Fantastic Job

Trump is defending his administration's response as "fantastic," after the death toll in Puerto Rico from last year's hurricanes was increased to nearly 3,000.

MSNBC Speaks The Truth And Calls The Trump Administration Racist

MSNBC gave a platform to the truth by interviewing former New York City Council President Melissa Mark-Viverito who explained the federal government's disregard for the deaths in Puerto Rico as the racist policies of the Trump administration.

The People of Puerto Rico Have Dreams of Statehood and Respect

When President Trump was in Puerto Rico to show his support after Hurricane Maria, he was captured on video shooting paper towels  into a crowd of storm survivors as if he was playing a game of basketball.  It was a clear example of the total disrespect that Trump feels for the island and its 3 million people, who are U.S. citizens. read more

After Cutting Taxes For The Wealthy, GOP Senate Delays Disaster Relief Bill

Republican senators will head home for a long holiday break proud of the tax relief they passed for their donors, while those still recovering from deadly natural disasters see no relief at all.

In The Other Trump Scandal, Zinke Denies That He Had Anything To Do With Whitefish Contract

In a statement, Zinke claimed that he had nothing to do with his neighbor getting the contract to do a job the company is not suited for, that is priced so high it stands out for adding rampant waste to its naked corruption. Zinke says he welcomes all investigations into the allegations.

Trump’s Approval Rating Hits New Low In Fox Poll As White Men Flee Him In Droves

It's one thing for Donald Trump's approval rating to be so low in a Fox News poll. It's a whole new level of embarrassment for the president that his so-called base is the reason behind it.

Trump’s Approval Rating On Handling Hurricanes Crashes By 20 Points After Puerto Rico Disaster

The finding from CNN is a clear indication that Trump's Katrina-like handling of the devastation in Puerto Rico isn't going unnoticed by the American people.

Trump Runs Away When Asked By Reporters About Abandoning Puerto Rico

Trump ran away from reporters and ignored their questions when they asked him about his comments suggesting that he was going to give up on aid to Puerto Rico.

Trump Doesn’t Care That Americans Are Dying As He Plans To Cut Off Puerto Rico Aid

The death toll from preventable illnesses is growing in Puerto Rico as President Trump announced that he would limit aid to the island.

Rachel Maddow Destroys Trump By Explaining How He Is Killing People In Puerto Rico

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow connected the dots and showed how Trump's dysfunction and incompetence are killing people in Puerto Rico.

Trump Makes 69th Golf Trip Since Taking Office As The World Burns Around Him

If you're keeping score, that means the President of the United States has spent more than 26 percent of his time in office golfing and one-third at one of his ritzy properties.

Puerto Rico Governor Instantly Fact-Checks Trump’s Lie About His ‘Amazing’ Relief Effort

As all of this unfolds, the President of the United States is tweeting more North Korea threats likely from the seat of a golf cart at his ritzy resort in New Jersey.

Damning Report Shows That Trump’s Inadequate Puerto Rico Response Will Cost Lives

Donald Trump's slow response was bad and will likely cost lives when all is said and done. His recent behavior will only make things worse.

Chris Murphy Rains Hell On Trump For Attacking Suffering Puerto Ricans From His Ritzy Golf Club

"Today our President will sit in his opulent golf resort attacking hurricane first responders," Murphy tweeted.

San Juan Mayor Laughs At Trump’s Twitter Attacks And Says She Is Too Busy Saving Lives To Care

Instead of attacking the San Juan mayor as she works tirelessly to save lives in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump should be taking notes from her about how to lead in a crisis. 

While Puerto Ricans Are Suffering, Trump Raises Money To Battle Press Freedom

The president’s lack of concern, knowledge and interest in helping Puerto-Rican Americans is telling in more ways than one.