In The Other Trump Scandal, Zinke Denies That He Had Anything To Do With Whitefish Contract

After Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) denied that they approved the multi-million dollar contract between Trump donor Whitefish Energy and Puerto Rico’s power utility and cited “significant concerns,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke is running like the wind.

In a statement, Zinke claimed that he had nothing to do with his neighbor getting the contract to do a job the company is not suited for, that is priced so high it stands out for adding rampant waste to its naked corruption. Zinke says he welcomes all investigations into the allegations.

Whitefish is a two-year-old company that had two full time employees when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

As Jason Easley explained earlier this contract is baldly and astonishingly corrupt and anti-American, even for the Trump administration, “According to the contract, the government is not allowed to audit or conduct oversight over Whitefish to see how taxpayer money is being spent or where it is going. The energy company is owned by Trump donors who have connections to Trump Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Trump Energy Secretary Rick Perry. Whitefish only has two full-time employees and it not prepared to handle a contract of this size. Whitefish is going to make a hefty sum off of US taxpayers for hiring subcontractors to do the real work in Puerto Rico.”

This is why officials are raising the alarm. House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) urged the relevant committees in Congress and agency inspectors general to immediately conduct a thorough investigation of this matter, noting the special clause that exempted Whitefish from operating in a democracy while taking your tax dollars, “Each day, more and more concerning questions surrounding the awarding of a lucrative contract to Whitefish Energy are raised. Revelations that the contract contained a provision exempting the company from any federal audit or oversight, in violation of FEMA’s standards, are deeply troubling.”

Watch Zinke run, run, run away.