Mitch McConnell Says He Believes The Accusers As He Calls On Roy Moore To Drop Out

With Republicans facing a potential defeat in the Alabama Senate special election, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said that he believes the accusers of Republican candidate Roy Moore and he called on Moore to step aside.


The Senate Majority Leader was asked, “Do you believe these allegations to be true?”

McConnell answered, “I believe the women, yes.”

The party of Donald Trump doesn’t suddenly care about sex crimes against women and girls. What McConnell and the others are worried about is the fact that Moore is losing, and if Moore loses, the Republican agenda is toast. McConnell never wanted Moore as the Republican candidate. His choice was Sen. Luther Strange. McConnell and his PAC spent millions of dollars trying to get Strange through the Republican primary, and now he sees a chance to get rid of Moore and get his candidate back in the Senate.

McConnell also doesn’t want to deal with the problems that will come with a Moore victory. Republicans will probably be forced to vote on whether or not to seat Moore or expel him from the Senate. It would be nice if most Republicans cared the underage girls Roy Moore sexually abused, but let’s be honest, the only thing Mitch McConnell cares about is holding on to his Senate majority.