Loser Roy Moore Files Suit For Defamation & Conspiracy

Some people are sore losers, some people are whiny sore losers, and some people are whiny sore losers who keep filing lawsuits.  And Judge Roy Moore of Alabama falls into the last category.

Once again he is trying to find vindication in the courts, and he is filing a new lawsuit against the nasty women who accused him of bad things and undermined his campaign to be a U.S. Senator. read more

Chris Hayes Exposes Hypocrisy Of GOP’s Move To Prevent Doug Jones From Voting On Tax Scam

As Mitch McConnell said in 2010, "The voters have spoken. They want a course correction. We should listen to them."

Fragile Snowflake Trump Completely Melts Down And Throws Roy Moore Under The Bus

Trump first tried to deny that he ever endorsed Roy Moore, and then he followed by complaining that the Republican Party needs to attract better candidates.

Doug Jones Shocks The World

The stunning victory comes after weeks of women coming forward with credible allegations that Moore made unwanted sexual advances on them, some when they were just teenagers.

Rachel Maddow Slams Alabama For Stripping Voting Rights From Over 100,000 Minorities

In a race as close as the special election in Alabama between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones, it is voter suppression maneuvers like this that could make all the difference. 

Follow The Alabama Senate Special Election Results Live

Election Day is finally here. Follow the results live to see if Democrat Doug Jones can turn an Alabama Senate seat blue by defeating Republican Roy Moore.

Early Exit Polls In Alabama Show High Democratic Turnout, Low Approval For Trump

Exit polls can be unreliable, but they show that Democrats have reason to be cautiously optimistic that they have a shot at winning a Senate seat in Alabama.

One Answer From A GOP Senator Shows Democrats Have Republicans Pinned In A Sexual Misconduct Trap

CNN's Jake Tapper asked Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) if Democrats had a higher standard for sexual misconduct than Republicans. Shelby's answer revealed that Republicans are trapped because of Trump's Roy Moore endorsement.

Doug Jones Will Need to Motivate Black Voters Enough to Overcome Voter Suppression

In a race too close to call, former U.S. attorney Democrat Doug Jones needs to motivate black Alabama voters enough to overcome Republican voter suppression.

Fox News Desperately Tries To Protect Accused Child Sexual Assaulter Roy Moore with Fake Claim of “Forgery”

Partisan Fox News is so desperate to help Republicans keep the Alabama Senate seat that they are inventing lies to protect accused child sexual assaulter Roy Moore, who is running against Democrat Doug Jones.

The NRA Just Put Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars Toward Electing Accused Child Molester Roy Moore

Just when we thought the National Rifle Association couldn't be any more repugnant, the extremist gun organization rises to the occasion to prove all of us wrong.

GOP Strategist Warns That The Republican Party Is On Death Watch After Embracing Roy Moore

Republican strategist Rick Tyler is warning his party that they have made a deal with the devil (Trump) and that they lose badly in 2018 if they follow the devil's lead and support Roy Moore.

Sellout Orrin Hatch Says Roy Moore’s Pedophilia Is No Big Deal Since It Happened So Long Ago

According to the Republican senator, alleged child molestation is A-okay so long as a sufficient number of years pass before you're caught.

After Stabbing America In Back On Tax Cuts, Mitch McConnell Won’t Say Roy Moore Shouldn’t Be In The Senate

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) managed to outdo himself after his late-night tax cut for the rich by refusing to say that Roy Moore should not be in the Senate.

Jaws Drop As Roy Moore Supporter Says She’d Support Him Even With Proof Of Child Molestation

It's just the latest evidence that supporters of Donald Trump, Roy Moore and other high-profile Republicans will allow their candidates to get away with anything.

Democrat Doug Jones Hits 50 Percent, Leads By Three Points In New Alabama Senate Poll

According to the Washington Post-Schar School survey, very few Alabamans remain undecided on the race, and likely voters choose Jones by a 50 to 47 margin.