GOP Strategist Warns That The Republican Party Is On Death Watch After Embracing Roy Moore

Republican strategist Rick Tyler is warning his party that they have made a deal with the devil (Trump) and that they lose badly in 2018 if they follow the devil’s lead and support Roy Moore.

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Tyler said on MSNBC’s Velshi and Ruhle, “The problem when you make a deal and walk with the devil, the devil will keep changing the deal. We’re told president trump would act presidential and be presidential and stand for morality and righteousness. But he is accused of sexual misconduct himself. He can offer no leadership on this. And now he’s capitulating. He’s gotten the RNC and apparently the RNC, the Republican leadership. So there’s another deal with the devil. They’re going to take Roy Moore for the short-term and they’re going to lose badly in 2018. Specifically, because they will lose, I believe they will lose women in suburban districts and swing states so you could possibly lose the House and the Senate. And if you think that Donald Trump thinks he has trouble now, imagine if the Democrats gain control of the majority in the U.S. House of representatives where they will have investigatory power and subpoena power?”

Republicans are following Trump’s lead, but they have never stopped to consider the judgement of the man that they are blindly following. The RNC support for Roy Moore and Mitch McConnell backing off of the allegations against Moore are directly related to Trump’s endorsement of the alleged pedophile.

If the Republican Party becomes the party of both Roy Moore and Trump, they’re probably going to lose the House and the Senate may be in play for a Democratic takeover. The electorate is already enraged by Trump and the Republican Party. The GOP’s support of Roy Moore is like adding more gas to the fire.

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