Trump To Hold Faux Florida Rally Just Across Alabama Border Four Days Ahead Of Special Election

Donald Trump will be holding a rally in Florida next week just 20 miles away from the Alabama border and four days ahead of the highly anticipated special election between alleged child molester Roy Moore (R) and KKK prosecutor Doug Jones (D).

According to the Washington Post, “At the Dec. 8 rally, advisers said the president is likely to attack national Democrats and may attack Jones. It is unclear if Trump will specifically praise Moore.”

More from the report:

Pensacola is in the same media market as Mobile, Ala., which could allow Trump to reach Alabama voters without having to actually travel to the state and specifically rally for Moore.



Trump has been buoyed by Moore’s climb in the polls and has said he believes his tacit support of the nominee, who is accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers while he was in his 30s, has been good for him. His office has previously said Trump will not campaign for Moore in Alabama and some of Trump’s advisers have worried about the race.

It’s clear what Trump is trying to do with his upcoming rally in Alabama’s backyard.

He knows how bad it would look for him to travel to the state and formally campaign for Roy Moore, but he is doing the next best thing: going just across the border to fire up supporters in the region and help elect an accused child molester to the U.S. Senate.

Trump can dub his upcoming event as a Florida rally unrelated to the Dec. 12 special election in Alabama, but make no mistake: This is a Roy Moore rally.

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