Republican Win in Arizona Will Not Stop the Blue Wave

Many Democrats were disappointed last night when a Republican won the congressional special election in Arizona’s 8th district, but they shouldn’t be. In many ways the voting results favor Democrats, both locally and nationally. read more

Doug Jones Shocks The World

The stunning victory comes after weeks of women coming forward with credible allegations that Moore made unwanted sexual advances on them, some when they were just teenagers.

Rachel Maddow Slams Alabama For Stripping Voting Rights From Over 100,000 Minorities

In a race as close as the special election in Alabama between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones, it is voter suppression maneuvers like this that could make all the difference. 

Early Exit Polls In Alabama Show High Democratic Turnout, Low Approval For Trump

Exit polls can be unreliable, but they show that Democrats have reason to be cautiously optimistic that they have a shot at winning a Senate seat in Alabama.

Trump To Hold Faux Florida Rally Just Across Alabama Border Four Days Ahead Of Special Election

Trump's upcoming campaign event just across Alabama's border shouldn't fool anybody. This is clearly a Roy Moore rally.

Georgia Dem Jon Ossoff Hits 50 Percent, Leads By Three In New Special Election Poll

The Democrat's lead is slim, but it appears to be somewhat durable and is even showing signs that he is gaining support as the June 20 election approaches.

‘Long Night’ for Republicans: Midterm Level Turnout Has Jon Ossoff Outperforming Everywhere

Jon Ossoff

These numbers aren't just exactly what the Democrats were hoping for going into Tuesday's special election – they're even better.

Rachel Maddow Explains Why The GOP Should Be Terrified Regardless Of The Final Kansas Results

Rachel Maddow

No matter what happens, this is a good night for Democrats in Kansas and across the country.

Republicans Say Chris Christie Is Dead To Them After He Opts For Special Election

Republicans are livid at Gov. Chris Christie for holding a special election instead of appointing a Republican to fill Lautenberg's Senate seat. GOPers say Christie's 2016 chances are dead.