Democratic Senator Destroys Fox’s Attempt To Equate Roy Moore’s Child Sex Abuse To Bill Clinton

DSCC Chair Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) blew up the Fox News Sunday attempt to equate the decades-old conspiracies against Bill Clinton to the allegations of child sex abuse against Roy Moore.


Chris Wallace asked if Democrats were engaging in a double standard against Moore because of the allegations against Bill Clinton. Van Hollen answered, “I don’t think there’s any double standard here. You were also talking in this case, as you know, about allegations of child sexual abuse. We know what the allegations are, the people of Alabama will have to look at the facts, search their conscience and make a decision.”

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As soon as Van Hollen mentioned child sexual abuse, the air was let out of the Fox News balloon.

Sorry Fox, but decades-old conspiracy theories about Bill Clinton involving adult women are not the thing as child sex abuse allegations against Roy Moore. Fox News is trying to save Roy Moore by mudding the waters, but the question to Sen. Van Hollen was bogus, which is why he was easily able to deconstruct the false comparison in a single sentence.

Not even dredging up the Clinton boogyman can distract from what Roy Moore is accused of doing, Things are getting desperate on the right, as with a month to go Republicans are sensing that a Senate seat is slipping away.

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