Democrats Wave Goodbye To House Republicans After They Pass Tax Cuts For The Rich

Democrats could be seen waving goodbye to their House Republican colleagues after the vote after they voted for tax cuts for the rich.

A clear sign that they think Republicans just voted themselves out of office:

It was a moment reminiscent of when House Democrats sang Hey, Hey Goodbye to Republicans after they voted to repeal Obamacare:

There was a growing possibility that the Republican House majority was toast even before this vote. What Republicans managed to do was dump a can of gas into a raging dumpster fire. To put it mildly, voting to cut taxes for the rich while increasing them on everyone else, and taking healthcare away from 13 million Americans is not going to help them keep their majority.

House Republicans are acting like they expect to lose the majority, so they are pulling out their wish ideas of bad ideas and bundling them up into a single piece of horrible legislation. Democrats are happy because House Republicans keep finding new and different ways to enrage and alienate voters.

Republicans better get ready for life back in the minority because this tax bill/Obamacare repeal scam was the worst thing they could have voted for after a year of doing nothing.