The Truth Comes Out As Trump Made Millions Off Of Project Tied To Russian Organized Crime


The truth that the Trump family has been trying to hide is finally coming out as a Trump building in Panama has ties to drug trafficking and Russian organized crime.

NBC News reported, “Ventura said the Trumps never asked about his clients, the people who were buying the condo units, and he never told them. To cite one example, he said that he sold seven to 10 units in the Trump Ocean Club to a man named David Murcia Guzmán, founder of a large Colombian marketing company. Guzmán is now in U.S. custody, awaiting extradition to Colombia after being convicted by a U.S. federal court of laundering money for drug cartels, including through real estate.”

It gets worse, “Ventura says about half of the units he sold at the Trump Ocean Club were to Russians. To help handle them, Ventura went into business with several Russian-speaking real estate brokers, who he admits have had checkered pasts.” The checkered pasts were convictions for activities related to organized crime.


Trump needed the money. No US banks would loan cash to him, and his business was struggling.

All of this is relevant to the Russia investigation because Trump has consistently denied doing business in Russia or with Russians. Trump’s claim that he had no relationships with Russians were lies.

Donald Trump’s connections to Russia and organized crime are beginning to be exposed.

Little by little, the President’s defenses are being chipped away at, and what is emerging is the tale of a failed businessman who got to the presidency with the illegal help of his Russian friends.

The skeletons in Trump’s closet look like more than enough to destroy a presidency.