Fox News Gets Ready For Thanksgiving By Pushing A Moon Landing Conspiracy

Fox News is preparing to cause conflict among millions of families this Thanksgiving by publishing a story that doubts the authenticity of the moon landing. wrote a story about a YouTube video that claims to provide evidence that the moon landing was faked, “The video, which shows a picture that was allegedly taken in December 1972, is named “Reflection in a Visor.” The person who posted it, using the user name Streetcap1, claims that there is a reflection of a stagehand on the helmet of one of the astronauts.”

It is Thanksgiving week, and the news is a little slow, but one gets the sense that Fox is trying to find out if their viewers will believe anything. Either that or Fox is trying to give their audience of conspiracy theorists a different topic to use to ruin Thanksgiving dinner.

While you were preparing yourself for that one Fox News obsessed uncle who wasn’t about to wait until dessert to defend Donald Trump, Fox News has now armed Uncle MAGA with new proof that the moon landing is fake.

Fox News is doing their very best to remind everyone that they aren’t news. They’re just state-run TV who know that the truth is out there.