Roy Moore’s Chief Political Strategist Just May Have Helped Doug Jones Win The Election

By casting doubt on whether not the Senate Ethics Committee would investigate his candidate if he won, Roy Moore’s chief political strategist did a big favor for Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate election.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

RADDATZ: I just want to say that, in your book, they have said — that is evidence and 30 other people backed up those eight women in The Washington Post story.

I want to ask you finally if Judge Moore were to win the Senate seat and the Senate initiated an ethics investigation, would Roy Moore go up there and testify under oath disputing these allegations?

YOUNT: Well, you know, they’ve been — Mitch McConnell and his crew have been threatening Judge Moore from the get-go. They spent $30 million down here trying to beat him in a primary. And then all this fake news from The Washington Post surfaces. Judge Moore is going to go to Washington. Judge Moore is going to win. And I highly doubt there is going to be a Senate investigation.

Either the Roy Moore campaign knows something that everyone else doesn’t about a Senate ethics investigation, or they are lying about the potential for an investigation just to win an election. Moore’s chief strategist did a solid for Doug Jones by downplaying the possibility of an investigation.

The message was clear to anti-Moore voters in Alabama that the only sure way to stop Roy Moore is to get out there and cast your vote for Doug Jones on Election Day. In case those who are on the fence or don’t like Moore personally need any more motivation to show up on Tuesday, remember that if Moore wins, there is no guarantee that the Republicans will pursue an ethics investigation against him.

Republicans don’t have a great track record of keeping their promises, so Moore’s chief strategist provided even more motivation for those who don’t want to see his candidate in the US Senate to rally around Doug Jones on Tuesday.