Senate Democrats Are Negotiating An Agreement That Would Protect Dreamers From Trump Deportation

Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) that Democrats and Republicans are close to an agreement on DACA.


Schumer said on the Senate floor, “As Democrats continue to push for desperately needed funding to combat the opioid crisis, improve veterans’ health care and shore up pension plans, we’ll also be pushing to reauthorize CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance program, and community health centers. As well as dealing with certain healthcare programs that have expired. We have more to do for the Americans in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands who are still recovering from devastating natural disasters. We are in the process of negotiating with Republicans to provide a significant investment in border security in exchange for DACA. These talks continue to progress, and I’m hopeful we can reach an agreement on that issue as well.”

An agreememt on DACA would be a big win for Democrats, and another kick in the shin to Trump’s efforts to deport every immigrant that he can. Democrats are the minority party in both the House and the Senate. They don’t have much power, so it is amazing that they have been able to accomplish what they have in 2017. Their victories are a testement to the superior origanization of the Democrats in the House and Senate when compared to the total chaos on the Republican side of the aisle.

Protecting the DREAMERS will be a big deal, just like getting the Children’s Health Insurance Program renewed and funding for community hospitals will change and save lives. In less than a year, Democrats could be waiting to be sworn as a new Congressional majority in the House and or Senate.

The potential agreement on DACA is just the first piece of what a potential Democratic legislative agenda will look like in January 2019.