Top Senate Republican Admits The Corker Kickback Is A Bribe To Buy Tax Cut Votes

The Senate’s #2 Republican, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) admitted that there was a provision put in the Republican tax cut bill that was designed to buy the votes of Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) and others.

After the International Business Times reported that Republicans were able to sneak a provision into the bill that directly benefitted Bob Corker, Cornyn admitted to bribing Republican Senators to get their votes.


Cornyn said on ABC’s This Week, “Well, we were working very hard. It was a very intense process. As I said, the Democrats refused to participate. And what we’ve tried to do is cobble together the votes we needed to get this bill passed, at the same time, maintaining the integrity of the largest tax cuts we’re going to be seeing since 1986.”

The Republican excuse that Democrats would not participate in the tax bill is nonsense. All the negotiating was done by Republicans behind closed doors. Democrats were not invited to the negotiations. When the bill was being debated on the Senate floor, Democrats were not allowed to see the final legislation. Democrats were not allowed to see the bill in the conference committee either.

The process for the tax cut legislation has been done in secret, and it was behind closed doors where the Republicans inserted bribes into the legislation to buy their way to passage.

The Corker Kickback as the provision has been named took a terrible tax bill and turned it into an act of overt corruption.

Voters are not going to forget what Republicans have done, as the tax bill has gone from a bad piece of legislation to a political scandal in a day.