GOP Strategist Rick Wilson Tells Ivanka Trump A Car Trip To Prison Not The White House Is Her Future

Republican strategist Rick Wilson said on CNN that Ivanka Trump is more likely to be driving to visit her husband in prison than she is of ever being president.


Wilson said, “I think this is the dynastic fantasy that the Trumps all enjoy right now. They forget we don’t do titles of nobility in this country, and that’s a little constitutional problem for them. And the idea that you are going to have a sort of trump empire that stretches over time like the bushes or the Kennedy’s or roosevelts I think is riisable in every way, and I think Ivanka is much more likely to be driving a Volvo out to Danbury to visit her husband in a correctional facility than she is to be President Of The United States at some point.”

That was epic trashing and dose of reality that Rick Wilson handed to Ivanka Trump. After watching her father get elected, Ivanka anyone can be president with a little help from Uncle Vlad. Ivanka Trump isn’t qualified to be the president of the PTA much less President Of The United States. The family delusions of entitlement run strong with the Trumps. These are people who have concept of hard work, but yet believe they are superior to everyone else.

Ivanka future is more like an episode of Orange Is The New Black. She better get ready because her family is poised to go from the White House to the Big House.