Trump Has A Late Night Meltdown And Proclaims Himself A Better President Than Hillary Clinton

In a late night tweetstorm, Trump quoted an article that praised his presidency as a way of proclaiming himself a better president than Hillary Clinton.

Trump tweeted:

Trump is so insecure that he is sitting up at night tweeting quotes from a New York Post op-ed column because he knows that he still doesn’t measure up to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama.

A stable genius president would not be tweeting on a Sunday night about how great of a president he is. Deep down inside, Trump knows he is failing. He knows that he will never be a good president, much less a great one.

The President Of The United States is coming unglued in real time in front of the entire world on social media. He is trapped in the 2016 election and still trying to prove that he deserves something that he never really won.

Donald Trump continues to show that even he doesn’t believe that he is a legitimate president.