Keep An Eye On This: Rachel Maddow Locks In On The Bizarre Steve Bannon Subpoena

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow pointed out that the reasons being given for an FBI subpoena for Steve Bannon are bizarre.


Maddow said of Bannon’s FBI subpoena, “Now it a subpoena? That seems weird. They couldn’t contact him? Steve Bannon was kind of unavoidable for comment when it comes to the media. The FBI couldn’t find him and so then he got a subpoena? I mentioned that Steve Bannon is having an unusual day today. That’s not just because of this news about him being subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury but this news comes alongside the news of his other subpoena today. Starting at 8:30 this morning, Steve Bannon went in to speak behind closed doors with the house intelligence committee. Reported at Fox News that the white house told Steve Bannon at this testimony today that he should not answer house intelligence committee questions about his time on the transition or working in the white house. After he refused to answer questions on those matters apparently based on the instruction, the committee reportedly issued him a subpoena on the spot in the room. Compelling his testimony despite his initial refusal to answer questions. That reporting has now been backed up by sources. Adam Schiff came out of the room tonight and said after the subpoena was issued to him, Steve Bannon continued to refuse to answer questions despite the subpoena. If all this is is true, I have more questions. Can you refuse to answer questions in the face of a subpoena? Is it unusual for the white house to tell a white house advisor to say in the to answer questions? Is it unusual they have a say — subpoena ready to go for him in the room and why did both of these things happen in the same day? Right? I mean, twice. Did one of these subpoenas that make the other one happen? Did they tend to arrive in pairs? Is one going to interfere with the other? Is this more ordinarily than it seems?”

The subpoena means that Bannon is a witness, not a target of the investigation, but the fact that Mueller wanted him under oath in front of the grand jury suggests that he thinks Bannon has information, and can’t be trusted to honestly share what he knows in an interview.

The whole thing is weird. Bannon tried to claim an imaginary executive privilege that didn’t exist, which is why the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed him, and he is also the only Trump White Houe official so far that has been subpoenaed to testify.

There is something up with Steve Bannon, and the situation is worth monitoring because can’t be totally sure whether he will try to protect Trump, or provide info that will send members of the President’s family to prison.