The Trump Campaign Just Accused Every Democrat Of Being Complicit In Murder

The Trump presidential campaign put out a new campaign ad and statement that accused Democrats of being complicit in murders committed by illegal immigrants.

Here is the press release from the Trump campaign:

Trump had a choice when the government shut down. He could choose to either lead the country and look for a deal that would open the government again, or he could play to his small white extremist base and try to hold together support that he has left.

The release from the Trump campaign shows the path that the president has chosen is to divide the country even more. The Trump campaign’s behavior is not productive toward a solution to the shutdown, but since Trump wanted the shutdown, it makes no sense to think that he would do anything to end it.

Trump’s strategy is fatally flawed. He thinks that he can the country against Democrats, but he is waging his war from a position of ultimate weakness. The least popular president after one year in office in US history is trying to convince the American people that Democrats are murderers because they don’t want the Dreamers to be deported.

Trump is doing what he does best. He is taking a bad situation and making it even worse.