Democrats Set To Obliterate Devin Nunes’ FBI Secret Society Conspiracy Memo

Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA), the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, is going to reveal that the underlying intelligence debunks Rep. Devin Nunes’s FBI secret society conspiracy memo.

Greg Sargent of The Washington Post reported, “Senator Warner will say publicly that unlike almost all of the 200 GOP congressmen who’ve seen the memo, he has actually read the underlying documents,” Rachel Cohen, a spokeswoman for Warner, emailed me this morning. “He is confident that there was nothing improper like what this memo seems to allege.”

Democrats aren’t sitting back and allowing Trump’s proxies, like Nunes, to destroy the Russia investigation.

In other words, the memo is garbage. Nunes knows it is garbage, why he is refusing to show it to anyone else who has seen the intelligence that it is based on. The whole point of the memo is to discredit the FBI and distract from the Russia investigation. There is no vast conspiracy in the FBI against Trump. There is no secret society that is trying to bring the President down.

What does exist is an investigation into the Trump campaign’s activities with the Russians that could destroy Trump and the Republican Party.

Democrats are defending democracy and the institutions that keep this country safe. They are the real patriots who are fighting against the biggest internal threat to American democracy in US history.

The Nunes memo is one battle, but the larger war will only be won when Trump and his minions have been removed from government.