Push To Block A Trump Nuclear First Strike Renewed As Doomsday Clock Approaches Midnight

The ‘Doomsday Clock’ is now the closest to midnight it’s been since Cold War, thanks to the world being at its closest to annihilation. Yes, on Thursday scientists moved the Doomsday clock ahead by half a minute citing world leaders’ poor response to threats of nuclear war.


Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) used the unsettling change in the Doomsday clock to push his bipartisan legislation to prevent Trump from launching a nuclear first strike without Congressional authorization.

At two minutes to midnight, the clock is at its closest to catastrophe since 1953, due to dangers of a nuclear holocaust from North Korea’s weapons program, U.S. Russian entanglements, South China Sea tensions, and other factors, the Chicago-based group said in a statement.

Climate change was also cited as a factor in moving the clock forward as well as the demise of diplomacy under Trump.

“International diplomacy has been reduced to name-calling, giving it a surrealistic sense of unreality that makes the world security situation ever more threatening,” they said.

The cost of Republican denial? We are two minutes to midnight.

Two minutes closer to symbolic annihilation. That is the cost of propping Donald Trump up and enabling him to continue acting as president when he is clearly not fit to do so, and the cost of denying climate change.

The clock is ticking and the movement in Congress is growing to make sure Trump can’t advance it to midnight.

Additional reporting: Barbara Goldberg of REUTERS

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