Russia Scandal Turns Trump Into A Basket Case As He Has A Sensational Saturday Night Breakdown

Trump got lost in self-pity on Saturday night as he whined that all people ever want to talk about is Russia.

Trump tweeted:

The president then tried to boost his own spirits by quoting a The Wall Street Journal editorial from Friday:

Trump is having a mental health crisis over the Russia scandal

One can read and listen to Trump’s public statements and see a president whose mental state is struggling under the weight of the Russia scandal. Trump never had a reputation for being stable by anyone’s definition, so when you add a presidency crushing scandal to an emotionally volatile president, the result is volcanic mood swings.

Trump swings from denial to unjustified overconfidence to self-pity on a dime.

Trump is his own worst enemy on the Russia scandal

If he wants people to stop talking about the Russia scandal, he could help himself by not talking about it all of the time. The memo is a perfect example how Trump’s lack of discipline and insecure need to be defended are sabotaging the White House’s message. Trump can’t stay on topic. Any other president would ignore the Russia investigation and push their agenda.

Trump has no agenda, so his presidency consists of wild swings from one self-created crisis to another.

Donald Trump is why the Russia scandal is all anyone wants to talk about.

The Russia scandal is his own fault, and he only has himself to blame for his flailing presidency, but self-pity, not self-responsibility is Trump’s thing, so expect the president cry into his pillow while shooting himself in the foot on the Russia scandal for as long as he is in office.

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