Rachel Maddow Exposes Rand Paul As A Deficit Fraud Desperate For Attention

Rachel Maddow took the gloves off on Thursday, slamming Republican Sen. Rand Paul for holding the government hostage just to get some coverage on cable news.

Maddow said Paul’s stunt amounts to nothing but a cheap political ploy meant the get the Kentucky senator some media attention.


Maddow exposed Sen. Paul’s hypocrisy:

If he wants to single-handedly, he can shut the entire government down just on his own say so for about three hours. He’ll exhaust his ability to stop the process of voting to keep the government going. He will exhaust that process at around 3:00 A.M. And at 3:00 A.M., that means Senate staffers will be called upon to go crack smelling salts underneath the noses of their elderly employers, to drag their bosses onto the floor of the Senate where they will vote to fund the government with nothing having changed other than government agencies having to go through the wasteful motions of having to shut themselves down for three hours so because Rand Paul can get on TV to accomplish nothing. Now if that sounds like an excellent, coherent way to run the government of the greatest nation on the fact of the earth, I salute you. I will also have what you’re having.

As Maddow said, Paul’s stunt has nothing to do his transparently phony deficit concerns. After all, as I mentioned earlier, it’s always been obvious that Republicans don’t care about the deficit as a matter of policy. It’s only a GOP concern when they can use it to score cheap political points or cater to their rich donors.

Nowhere is that more obvious than Thursday night, when Rand Paul – a man who helped pass a $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy – will grind the government to a halt for a few hours just to get some attention on cable news.

Sen. Rand Paul isn’t a deficit hawk; he’s a deficit fraud. As Maddow said, this is not a coherent way to run the government of the United States.