Parkland Students Warn Trump And The NRA That They Won’t Stop Until Change Is Made

Parkland students on the way to Florida’s state capital had a message for lawmakers. They aren’t going to stop until change is made to address the issue of school shootings.


Parkland student Arvind Geer was asked what the students want from lawmakers. He answered, ” We want lawmakers to make this change with gunfire — gun reform, school safety, and not want this to happen again. Everyone knows that we’re resilient. We would not stop for this. Like, this will be going and going and going, until we see change happen. So this will — this will be big.”

Earlier in the interview, Geer asked why it had to be students who were making this change, “I would say that it’s like really sad how, like, we have to be this change, why is it us? Like, us the students have to make this change. And he’s not — quite frankly, he’s not doing enough. That’s why we’re on this bus and we want to speak to these legislatures and we want to speak and get our voice heard.”

It shouldn’t have to be students who are suffering after a tragedy leading the charge to make this change. Trump and his Republican Congres should be leading the effort, but they aren’t and they won’t, so the Parkland kids are sending a loud message.

They aren’t going to be distracted, and the Parkland students are not going away.