Chuck Todd Shows How The NRA Used Every Conservative Buzzword To Distract From Guns

NBC’s Chuck Todd showed how the NRA is going to desperate lengths and throwing out every conservative buzzword that they can think of to distract from guns.


Todd said:

They rally behind a pair of NRA speakers at today’s annual CPAC gathering of what you might say is the hardcore Trump conservative base outside of Washington today. The NRA threw out pretty much every conservative buzzword you could think of. These were speeches to rally support for guns. By basically rattling off an enemy list for the president’s supporters. Here is a sampling.

Many in legacy media love mass shootings. Where is the CNN town hall for sanctuary cities?

Loretta Lynch Hillary Clinton investigation and the people at the Salon and Think Progress and Media Matters.

Nancy Pelosi —

Bernie Sanders.

Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Bill de Blasio, Andrew Cuomo.

Black lives matter.

Obama, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Tom Steyer. The European style socialist of — college campuses. Karl Marx. Berkeley, some Hollywood gala.

See, we’re not making that up. That was all from the heads of the organization whose job it is to do one thing — sell guns.

Todd was right. The NRA is in business to do one thing, and that is sell guns. The NRA isn’t a member advocacy organization. They are the gun lobby for gun makers. What the NRA is up to is the same thing that they are always up to. The NRA is trying to scare conservatives into no supporting common-sense gun measures because any change that limits gun ownership for anyone is bad for the bottom line of gun manufacturers.

It is a desperate tactic of a frightened lobby that hasn’t faced the sort of organized movement that is coming together post-Parkland in its history.

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