The Wins Keep Coming For Democrats As Supreme Court Refuses To Block New PA Map


The Supreme Court has refused to block the new map of congressional districts in Pennsylvania, which means that the map will be in effect for the 2018 election.

Here is the entire one sentence Supreme Court decision:


Republicans were desperately holding out hope that the US Supreme Court would come to their rescue and restore the old map, or at least not let the new map be used in the 2018 election, but legally there was never a chance that this was going to happen.

The Supreme Court’s ruling is the second decision today to go against Pennsylvania Republicans.
Pennsylvania Republicans only have themselves to blame for this mess, as all but ignored the State Supreme Court’s initial deadline to submit a new map, as they have long been hoping that they could find a federal court that would overrule the state supreme court, but the state PA high court made their ruling based on the state constitution.

The case was always a state level dispute. It is interesting that so-called small government conservatives who run to return power to the states are always the first to run to the federal court system to take power away from those who they claim to champion.

Republicans were already in big trouble for the midterm. The new map in Pennsylvania just the Keystone State purple again, and gave the GOP a headache that they can’t handle. A Blue Wave is going to arrive in Pennsylvania this November, and ride Paul Ryan and company out of power in the House.

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