Rep. Reuben Gallego

Democratic Congressman Blasts Failing Trump For Creating Fake Border Crisis

Rep. Reuben Gallego (D-AZ) blasted Trump creating a fake border crisis and deploying the National Guard because his presidency is failing.

Video of Reuben Gallego:

Gallego said on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, “Well, the politics of this is that the president essentially is using the National Guard, creating this hysteria that there’s somehow a national emergency, and using our taxpayer dollars to try to booster his low poll numbers, especially with his base. Fact is, the president lost. He was not able to get his border wall. The Congress in a bipartisan manner tried to give him actually a really good deal to even have a downpayment on a border wall and will have done a lot more of what he will do with his National Guard in terms border security but him and his advisors don’t know how to take a good deal. So he failed, and this is a failing presidency. Now they’re lashing out to do anything to get a lifesaver and survive.”

The Pentagon has no details or plans for Trump sending the National Guard to the border because they were blindsided by the announcement:

Rep. Gallego appears to be spot on. There is no border crisis. Trump is trying to create a crisis on the border to boost his sagging poll numbers, and as Republican fears are growing that their supporters aren’t going show up and vote this November, the president is trying to scare them into going to the polls with an imaginary immigrant invasion.

Sending the National Guard to the border an expensive campaign stunt. Trump is a failing president, so he is being forced to come with imaginary situations that he can win. The border crisis is the fake and desperate move of an illegitimate president who is slipping out of power.

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