First Her Advertisers Bolted, Now Laura Ingraham Gets Sued For Pregnancy Discrimination

With her advertisers out the door and Fox News on the ropes, Laura Ingraham is now being sued for pregnancy discrimination by her former personal assistant.

The Washington Post reported, “Wilson alleges that the conservative talk show host became hostile toward her once she became pregnant and then fired her on her first day back from maternity leave. Ingraham allowed Wilson to remain with the company for about three weeks so that Wilson could eventually collect unemployment insurance. During that time, Wilson alleges, the company refused to set up a private space for her to pump breast milk at office in Northwest Washington, and she had to go to her car in a nearby garage.”

It is not a surprise that the same sort of person who attacked a mass shooting survivor in public also discriminated against her personal assistant because she got pregnant. The ratings on Ingraham’s show have followed the trendline after an advertiser boycott. Conservatives love to feel persecuted, so Ingraham’s ratings jumped after the advertiser boycott that was inspired by her attack on Parkland student David Hogg, but those viewers don’t hang around for long, and the advertisers don’t come back.

Laura Ingraham is a piece of work. She and the integrity deficient abyss that is Fox News deserve each other. The “values” that conservatives often claim to be fighting for have nothing to do with personal freedom and are all about greed and intolerance.

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