Trump Is Completely Losing His Mind As Michael Cohen Looks Ready To Flip On Him

As Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen is reportedly getting ready to flip on him, the president is completely losing it.

On Twitter on Saturday, Trump tore into a three-tweet meltdown over reporting that Cohen could turn on him – in particular, attacking The New York Times and Maggie Haberman:

It’s obvious: Trump is freaking out

It’s no longer a question: Trump is clearly panicking over the flurry of new reporting that his shady lawyer is about to throw the president under the bus to save his own skin.

This week, The Wall Street Journal first reported that Cohen could be on the verge of turning on the president, with a former Trump lawyer reportedly telling the president that his personal attorney “could even agree to wear a wire and try to record conversations with Mr. Trump.”

More recent reporting from The New York Times – which Trump appears to be referring to in his Saturday morning implosion – claims that the president’s legal team and close advisers “have become resigned to the strong possibility that Mr. Cohen, who has a wife and two children and faces the prospect of devastating legal fees, if not criminal charges, could end up cooperating with federal officials who are investigating him for activity that could relate, at least in part, to work he did for Mr. Trump.”

The report continued, “Mr. Trump has long felt he had leverage over Mr. Cohen, but people who have worked for the president said the raid has changed all that.”

Trump concluded his Saturday Twitter meltdown by saying, “I don’t see Michael doing that despite the horrible Witch Hunt and the dishonest media!”

One gets the sense, though, that the president is expressing his desperate hope – or even trying to publicly nudge Cohen – that it’s what he wants to see happen, not necessarily what will actually end up playing out.

After all, the prospect of jail time has a way of changing a man’s loyalties.