Tom Steyer Shows Why Trump Should Be Terrified Of His More Than Impeachment Movement

On MSNBC, Tom Steyer said that his movement isn’t about impeachment, but educating the American on the truth about Donald Trump and the danger that he represents to the country.


Steyer told Chuck Todd on MTP Daily, “We’re trying to tell a truth that we believe is the most important truth in American politics today. We’re trying to put the interest of the American people and our democracy first. That’s all we’re trying to do and that’s all we’re going to continue to try to do.”

Exposing the truth about Trump is a public service, but Steyer has more than impeachment in mind, “I think the midterms in 2018 regardless of what any Democrat or Republican does to a large extent going to be a referendum on this president and this administration. I think that what we’re trying to do is tell the truth about what he’s doing in terms of his. The danger he’s presenting to America and the lawless behavior he exhibits on a daily basis, and we believe that telling the truth is something that’s important to do at all times and that’s why we’re doing it. We are a grassroots organization. We organize around the country with our partners. We’re probably the largest grassroots organization in the United States trying to promote education and participation by as many Americans as possible. We believe the answer is more democracy and we believe, in fact, Americans are involved and turn out that we’ll get a much better congress and congress will flip. That is something where we feel that’s something we have done for five years long before the question of impeachment was ever on the table. That’s something we believe is an important battle.”

Tom Steyer’s movement is about getting the American people involved in their politics

Impeachment should be viewed as an outcome that will occur if a Democratic Congress is elected and the Russia investigation provides evidence to Congress that Trump committed impeachable offenses. The idea that Nancy Pelosi is lining up articles of impeachment for the moment that Democrats take back the House is a laughable scare tactic that is designed to get Republicans voters to the polls in November.

Steyer has a much bigger objective in mind.

He is out to hand democracy back to the people by getting Americans involved again in their political process.

What scares Republicans the most is the thought that someday the majority of Americans are going to wake up and take their country back.

Tom Steyer is putting his money where his mouth is to make that happen.

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