Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Trying To Con You Into Believing Trump Will Do Something About Guns

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is trying to con the American people into believing that Trump may do something about guns.


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Jim Acosta of CNN reported:

I just talked to Sarah Sanders about what happened in Texas. I pressed her on what the administration is doing to prevent these kinds of school shootings to try to tamp down on this problem of gun violence in this country. She said to us just a few moments ago the conversations about school safety are ongoing. And she said that the administration’s school safety commission, this was something created in recent weeks after what happened in Parkland, Florida. The commission was activated today, she said, and that the commission is going to have its first meeting next week. Now, when people are at home and they’re inclined to support gun control measures, they hear a commission activated, that doesn’t sound like a movement happening quickly in terms of gun control, and that may be the case, but it was notable, wolf, that the White House Press Secretary said they’re activating the school safety commission and start having meetings next week on the issue of protecting the nation’s schools which obviously are not being protected at this point.

This problem of mass shootings at your nation’s schools, it keeps happening. But when I asked her what else is being done at the moment, she said that the president did speak with the Texas Governor Abbott earlier today, and no word yet as to whether or not the president will go down to Texas and visit the scene or the town of Santa Fe, Texas. But they are keeping tabs on it, monitoring developments with officials and she said conversations are ongoing as to how to protect the schools. The question in the end is ultimately what the president will do about this because as we saw earlier this year after what happened down in Parkland, Florida, the president sounded receptive to gun control measures.

Even talked about going back to the Manchin/Toomey background check legislation. Even talked about going after, perhaps, the age limit on people buying long rifles and assault-style weapons, that sort of thing. And then the president backed down after he met with the National Rifle Association. Earlier this month he even said that the Second Amendment rights of Americans are under siege and that’s not going to happen on his watch. Sarah Sanders a few moments ago made it sound as if the conversation is getting restarted in light of what happened in Texas.

It is all a PR con. Trump is going to do nothing, beyond activating a commission, which means nothing for the students who have died in recent school shootings, and will die in the next one. The game for Trump is to look like he is doing something, while actually doing nothing that will anger NRA/Russian financial backers.

Trump is going to do nothing beyond making some vague statements that the White House will hope could be misconstrued as supporting action on guns.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is trying to con the American people, but everyone already knows that Trump’s plan is to do nothing about school shootings and gun violence.

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