AM Joy Panel Credits Trump With Making Madman Kim Jong Un Look Like The Stable One

If Donald Trump deserves credit for anything, it’s for making madman North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un look like the “stable” and “mature” one.

On MSNBC’s AM Joy on Saturday, the panel discussed the president’s recent letter canceling his planned June 12 summit with North Korea.

One of the show’s guests, writer and commentator Anushay Hossain, said the letter dictated by the president shows he has “serious personality disorders.”

She said it also makes Kim Jong Un look like a “stable, mature leader,” compared to the U.S. president.

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Hossain teed off on Trump:

It’s personality driven, but if we go back to that letter for a second, not only was it a bad break-up letter but that letter had serious personality disorders. It’s like your 6th-grade boyfriend saying, it’s over, my stick is bigger than yours, but you know if you want to, maybe call me maybe. I know this is crazy, but here’s my number, call me maybe. On a much more serious note, it’s unbelievable the president of the United States wrote that letter. The letter was nuts. Things changed in the past 24 hours. What’s crazy now is that Kim Jong-un is looking like the stable, mature leader. He has completely taken over the talks and made the U.S. irrelevant. It is supposed to be the U.S. And South Korea, our ally, getting to the table and talking to North Korea. Now not only is the U.S. left out of the process, but Donald Trump, the master negotiator, is at home tweeting.

Trump can kiss his Nobel Peace Prize goodbye 

Even before Trump’s North Korea summit was set to take place, the president and his supporters were shouting from the rooftops that Trump deserved a Nobel Peace Prize.

With or without this week’s unexpected cancellation, that was always nonsense.

After all, Kim Jong Un isn’t likely to give up his weapons anytime soon. Instead, he recognized that he is dealing with a president who will put his own ego before U.S. interests. He wanted to milk that all he could.

Ultimately, the North Korean leader already got what he wanted through this charade: Legitimacy on the world stage without having to give up anything substantive.

Now, as Anushay Hossain pointed out, the U.S. has essentially been sidelined from the negotiations, and North and South Korea are leading the charge.

Donald Trump’s letter appeared to be an angry admission from the president that he was being played by North Korea all along, and it made madman Kim Jong Un look like the adult in the room.

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