Trump Admits He Has Completely Lost Control Of His White House Staff

In a new social media post about the collapsing talks with North Korea, Donald Trump essentially admitted that he has no idea what his own staff members are saying.

In a pair of tweets, the president blasted the “failing” New York Times for their reporting on what a senior White House official said about the possible reinstatement of the North Korea summit, telling the Times to “use real people, not phony sources.”

Trump said the person quoted by the newspaper “doesn’t exist.”

Trump has lost control of the White House – if he ever had any

It simply isn’t true that The New York Times made up a source out of thin air, as the unstable president claimed.  Instead, the official is real and did, in fact, brief reporters on a press call.

What the latest Trump tweet demonstrates is just how little the president knows about what happens in his own White House.

With the administration bursting with leaks and the president lacking even the most basic management skills, it’s no surprise that the North Korea negotiations collapsed as they did.

And if the summit is, indeed, revived like Trump suggested it could be, there is no indication that this unhinged commander-in-chief would make anything productive of it.