Trump Says The EU Is Worse Than China As He Takes A $500 Million Chinese Bribe


As China was bribing him with a $500 million loan, Trump told Macron that the EU was worse than China on trade.

Axios reported:

In their bilateral meeting in the White House’s Cabinet Room, on April 24, Macron said to Trump, “Let’s work together, we both have a China problem,” according to a source in the room. The source said Trump responded that the European Union is “worse than China.”

“He then went on a rant about Germany and cars,” the source added. (In their private meetings Trump has taken Angela Merkel to task for her country’s tariffs on U.S. automobiles and the ease with which German carmakers like Mercedes, Volkswagen and BMW can sell into the U.S. market.)

The timing of Trump’s comments is interesting because just a few weeks after he made his remarks about China, the Chinese government gave Trump a $500 million loan for a new project in Indonesia. It doesn’t take much detective work to put it all together. The Chinese bribed Trump, so China is good. The EU is not paying Trump, so the EU is bad.


The presidency is being used as an extortion racket for Trump to illegally take as much cash as he can before he gets kicked the curb, prosecuted, and potentially shipped off to federal prison.

Trump is on the take, and he is not hiding his brazen graft and corruption.